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50 minutes ¥6,500

+ tax

  • Our mission is to support awakening to our deep Self within us, which holds our authentic meaning of life with unique powers.

  • Please read the document sent at the time of application in order to transit smoothly to the counseling process.

  • Online sessions via Zoom or Skype are available.

  • Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before the reservation time.


60 minutes ¥8,000​*

+ tax & transportation expenses on visit​

                 *Please ask about rates outside Japan.

  • Psychological support for those who are in a special state of consciousness such as comatose or dementia can be provided at home and medical institution as well as online work.

  • A trial session for family members, friends, and professional care takers will provide deeper understanding and basic skills of comawork.

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