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Projects "Awakening Waves"
by one-drops deeply connected.

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If we realized that every person is

unique, and each one of us can live

our individuality to the fullest...


If we lived in every relationship with 

respect for each other's uniqueness, yet

in deep connection with each other...


What would the world be like?

A project to Awaken Waves 

by deeply connected 

"ocean drops".




"Reaching Out!!"

To Deeply Connect

Process-Oriented Comawork supports people in special (different from everyday life) states of consciousness, such as coma and dementia, by "connecting deeply" with the families and friends to accompany their own multifaceted lives. Its basic skills are offered to awaken and deeply connect with 1) one's own unknown potential, 2) the potential to deepen important relationships, and 3) the hidden power of the group.


"Deep Listening"

​To Awaken Toget

Deep Listening, based on the philosophy of deep democracy and process-oriented coma work, provides an experience of “deep connection” with the inner world and the outer relationships in each group member, rather than over-adaptation to the environment.   

The sharing of these experiences creates a unique group narrative (myth) nurtured by trust and deep connection with oneself and one's peers, and facilitates a transformative process that awakens the group's fullest potential.


"Wave Circle"

To Awaken Wav​

Deep Democracy, as advocated by A. Mindel, the founder of Process Work, values not only the diversity of society (gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability, cultural background, etc.), but also the diverse voices (thoughts, feelings, body sensation, etc.) within each of us.

Connecting with voices from around the globe online or in person, we listen to the diverse voices within and without us on a variety of topics, and connect our budding insights in a shared nonlocal space.

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