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Reaching Out in Asia!!
Comawork is a psychological approach that supports an individual in
"living wholly", whatever state of consciousness they are in.
Initially we launched the online-comawork project to benefit those with a family member or a friend is in a special state of consciousness (such as comatose). 


Through  Process Oriented Comawork:


  • We attempt to establish communication with people who are in special states of consciousness, such as coma, delirium, dementia and other conscious disturbances.​

  • We speak to and touch the person delicately while paying close attention and checking the feedback (response).​​

  • ​​Family members and friends can learn the basic skills of comawork to stay close to their loved ones and support them to live out their wholeness.


Two Pillars of the Project

  1. An Experienced Master Comaworker will provide direct work with the person in a comatose state.


​​Visit the individual website​s to see the profiles.      

 2. The Project Organizer offers

    3 online sessions with family


  • The sessions include the introductory interview and practice on the basic skills  of the work.

  • You can decide to use the sessions independently or accompaniment  to the master comaworker (requires a separate fee) working on your loved one.

  • We are offering this training at no charge to the families, as an expression of our commitment to make a difference to this special population. Instead, we welcome the families to make a donation to the activities of International Peace Group.​


1. Master Comaworker:


PWI Certified Process Work Trainer

​Process Work Institute Hawaii Founder


PWI Master of Arts in Process Work & Diplomate

Coma Work Japan Faculty

Japan Process Work Center (JPWC)   

Co-Founder, Senior Support Faculty


2. ​Project Organizer:

KARO MIURA,                                              

Online-comawork "Reaching Out in Asia!" Organizer 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist・Public Psychologist

CWJ Certified Comaworker

Message from the Project Organizer:

My journey to learn the process-oriented comawork's extraordinary verbal and nonverbal approach to reach people in special states of consciousness such as coma and dementia started in 2018. Since then, I've been assisting families, including my own, with this approach.

The purpose of this project is to offer online comawork to support people in altered states of consciousness, and their families, to live their existence fully.

“It is my hope that someday the hundreds of thousands of people in these (comatose) states will be met through methods like this, thus spending less time alone, and more time facilitated on their journey. It is very hard to move through extreme states like this without a guide, and those of us willing and interested need to learn more about how to be guides through this land of transformation we call coma”.

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